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Release 4.0 has implemented the shielded TRC-20 contract, which can hide the source address, destination address, and the token amount for TRC-20 transactions and provide users with better privacy. The shielded TRC-20 contract has three core functions: mint, transfer and burn. mint is used to transform the public TRC-20 token to shielded token; transfer is used for shielded token transactions; burn is used to transform the shielded token back to the public TRC-20 token. To support the shielded TRC-20 contract, four new zero-knowledge instructions (verifyMintProof, verifyTransferProof, verifyBurnProof and pedersenHash) are add in TVM, which make it convenient to provide privacy for arbitrary TRC-20 contract.



New features

  • Add 4 new instructions (verifyMintProof, verifyTransferProof, verifyBurnProof and pedersenHash) in TVM to support TRC20 shielded transactions based on zk-SNARKs (#3172).

    • verifyMintProof: used to validate the zero-knowledge proof for mint function.
    • verifyTransferProof: used to validate the zero-knowledge proof for transfer function.
    • verifyBurnProof: used to validate the zero-knowledge proof for burn function.
    • pedersenHash: used to compute the Pedersen hash.
  • Update the initial parameters of zk-SNARKs scheme generated by the MPC Torch (#3210).

  • Add the APIs to support shielded TRC-20 contract transaction (#3172).

    1. Create shielded contract parameters

    rpc CreateShieldedContractParameters (PrivateShieldedTRC20Parameters) returns (ShieldedTRC20Parameters) {}
    2. Create shielded contract parameters without ask
    rpc CreateShieldedContractParametersWithoutAsk (PrivateShieldedTRC20ParametersWithoutAsk) returns (ShieldedTRC20Parameters) {}
    3. Scan shielded TRC20 notes by ivk
    rpc ScanShieldedTRC20NotesByIvk (IvkDecryptTRC20Parameters) returns (DecryptNotesTRC20) {}
    4. Scan shielded TRC20 notes by ovk
    rpc ScanShieldedTRC20NotesByOvk (OvkDecryptTRC20Parameters) returns (DecryptNotesTRC20) {}
    5. Check if the shielded TRC20 note is spent
    rpc IsShieldedTRC20ContractNoteSpent (NfTRC20Parameters) returns (NullifierResult) {}
    6. Get the trigger input for the shielded TRC20 contract
    rpc GetTriggerInputForShieldedTRC20Contract (ShieldedTRC20TriggerContractParameters) returns (BytesMessage) {}
  • Support the ovk to scan the transparent output of burn transaction (#3203).

  • Support the burn transaction with zero or one shielded output (#3224).

  • Add data field in transaction log trigger class for future memo note (#3200).

The following TIPs are implemented in this release:

  • TIP-135: Shielded TRC-20 contract standards, guarantee the privacy of the shielded transfer of TRC-20 tokens.
  • TIP-137: Implements three zero-knowledge proof instructions in TVM to support the shielded TRC-20 contract (#3172).
  • TIP-138: Implements the Pedersen hash computation instruction in TVM to support the shielded TRC-20 contract (#3172).


  • Check if null before getInstance when get transaction info from DB to fix exception of getTransactioninfoByBlkNum (#3165).

Updated about a month ago


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